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About Us

About Us

We are the oldest existing CrossFit gym in Colorado Springs. We are a Garage Gym that offers workouts twice daily – 5am and 4:30pm, but you can grab as many friends as you would like and get them involved to create a class at a different hour. We pay $20 for each referral you bring in that signs up for $100 or more. We have space enough for a max of five athletes at a workout presently with growth on the horizon. We are a cash-based business, and only take credit card transactions as a last resort and you must pay the extra charges.

Our goal is to provide an environment where like-minded individuals will be motivated by one another to achieve a fitness level that they did not dream was possible. Each student will be a positive motivator for the others. We work as a team and communicate with one another. We are consistent, cooperative, committed, and energetic about our choice to make fitness and nutrition a part of our lifestyle. We are ready for anything at any time and we trust the program to provide us with the map to success. The roadblocks that we thought of in the past will turn out to be ant hills. We struggle together which builds our camaraderie. We do not let each other down by accepting anything less than your best.

My background as an athlete, coach and educator is as follows:
– Eight years as a certified CrossFit coach and WOD programmer
– Sixteen years coaching Olympic weightlifting
– Five years of competing as an Olympic Weightlifter
– Six years of teaching experience as a business, math and PE teacher
– Greco-Roman wrestler at the Olympic Training Center as a walk on
– Two-time NCAA Division I wrestling tournament qualifier and PAC 10 placer for California State University, Bakersfield
– Two-time California State High School wrestling place winner at Poway High School
– Team member of Poway High School’s first State High School Wrestling Team Championship
– Poway High School’s first State Wrestling Champion
– A lifetime of doing, studying and analyzing physical fitness and what it takes to perform at your best and win!

Give us a try and change the way you are doing things as part of our community.


Shane Rosselle, Owner
Colorado Springs CrossFit

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